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“AI in the Future of Entrepreneurship” Workshop delivered at the American University in Bulgaria

On March, 2018, I delivered a Workshop at the American University in Bulgaria on the topic of Entrepreneurship and Artificial Intelligence by explaining to Business and IT students how will machines and AI change the future of work, which jobs will be still available in the market and most importantly – how to improve their international-level business experience.

The Workshop itself was divided into two parts: theoretical part; including real-life experiences, and the second part - a Startup simulation. The theoretical part also included topics such as: 2030 facts; how to be creative and to build a right CV in order to get your dream job; how to build the right marketing skills and how to approach the customers (the right target market).

The second part of the Workshop was based on the Startup simulation which included 3 teams of 9 people each. The departments of each Startup were the Management team, Marketing team and financial team. Initially, a perfect Startup Pitch deck was provided for the students: 10 Principles for building a Startup including guidelines on how to find the right problem, and lastly, from where can a Startup get funds. After analyzing each Startup idea and presentation, I choose a winning team with the best presentation and idea strategy.

The Workshop was motivational and inspirational, based on real examples and stories that can lead students to better future decisions.

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