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Establishing new project for full body auto scanning, detecting, mapping and tracking skin cancer.

To develop a body scanner that build 3d model for the body then scanning for melanoma or skin cancer problem, when something found it will save the coordination on the 3d model for future comparison.

This real-time system aims to assist in the skin cancer prevention and early detection. A system to prevent this type of skin cancer is being awaited and is highly in-demand, as more new cases of melanoma are being diagnosed in the U.S. each year. The proposed system has two major components. The first component is a real-time alert to help users to prevent skin burn caused by sunlight; a novel equation to compute the time for skin to burn is thereby introduced. The second component is an automated image analysis which contains image acquisition, hair detection and exclusion, lesion segmentation, feature extraction, and classification, where the user will be able to capture the images of skin moles and our image processing module will classify under which category the moles fall into; benign, atypical, or melanoma. An alert will be provided to the user to seek medical help if the mole belongs to the atypical or melanoma category.

Skin Cancer Modules:

  • Body Scanning

  • Problem detection

  • Image acquisition

  • Hair detection and exclusion

  • Image segmentation

  • Feature extraction

  • Classification

  • Performance analysis

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