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Founding Jerusalem Spirit foundation for society improvement and Innovation.

Establishing Jerusalem Spirit Foundation for educated people of young women and men of Jerusalem with diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds, aims to create a new model for the development of society based on modern models and activities and work activities on a global level aimed at improving, developing and helping the community and focusing the world view on the city of Jerusalem and its contents of talents, abilities and possibilities and help the young generation intellectually guide In order to achieve the ability to help materially, the Association aims to do many activities with a new ideas and start a new stage in communication with people in need to provide solutions, the purpose of building the group based on these particular categories is the need for work Tools and guidance topics in all areas of life and to build trust with the Jerusalem community to curb some pests and youth development and help those in need.

the foundation contains more than 188 from Engineers, doctors, scientists, students ...etc

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